Former Navy Pilot, Mother, and Small Business Owner Kathy P. Owens Declares Her Candidacy for Virginia’s 82nd House District

March 25, 2021

Virginia Beach, VA — Former Navy pilot, mother, and small business owner Kathy Owens announced her bid for delegate today, seeking the Republican nomination to serve the 82nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates. 

Owens has devoted countless hours to serving the 82nd district and the Commonwealth, serving on multiple advisory boards, as president of the local civic league, and being awarded Inside Business’ 2019 “Women in Business Achievement” Award.

“I think we would all agree that Washington is a mess. Unfortunately, it is no different in Richmond. The party in power is chipping away at our fundamental rights and values making us less safe and prosperous. The solution to this is to elect skilled, energetic, effective, and visionary leaders who protect our rights and values. I am one of those leaders,” said Owens.

Kathy’s determination to run for the 82nd district comes as long-time Republican stalwart Jason Miyares is running for Attorney General of Virginia. Over the last several years of watching the release of violent criminals, repealing of 2nd Amendment rights, further dissolution of sacred election integrity, and a continuing attack on the unborn, Kathy knew she had to act.

As a business owner, Kathy understands the devastating effects of current policies on those who are just trying to make an honest living. Arbitrary mandates and Executive Orders have created hardships for restaurants and small businesses that need to be addressed.

Owen’s concluded, “A vote for Owens is a vote for effective, transparent, and conservative leadership in Richmond.”

The Republican Legislative District Committee for the 82nd House District is in the process of determining the method of nomination.  Find out more about Kathy Owens at