Meet Kathy

I think we would all agree that Washington is a mess. Unfortunately, it is no different in Richmond. The party in power is chipping away at our fundamental rights and values, making us less safe and prosperous. The solution to this is to elect skilled, energetic, effective, and visionary leaders who protect our rights and values. I am one of those leaders and that’s why I’m running to be the Delegate to the 82nd House District.

I have landed Navy airplanes aboard aircraft carriers at night. I have flown 777s overseas. In business, I have negotiated contracts with National companies and managed complex construction projects. Difficult tasks do not intimidate me, I get things done, and I am not a push-over.

I have developed real estate projects and small businesses which create employment opportunities, improve the landscape, and add value to our local economy. These were done by envisioning productive change and then creating a path to make things come to life. I have served on multiple boards because others know I am passionate about creating positive change.

It is why I want to serve our Commonwealth.

I am energetic. While raising three children, I have worked two jobs, volunteered for our public schools and non-profit organizations, and led our Civic League.

I am also an effective Leader. My behavior has influenced others to become more involved and behave more professionally and ethically. My ability to find common ground has frequently been the reason consensus is found.

Lastly, there are three issues of importance to us all:

Election Integrity. The measures that were recently implemented in Virginia should concern every voter. Not requiring a photo ID to vote or matching a signature on a ballot simply opens the door to rampant fraud. We must require measures that voters trust and that reassure them that the process fair and accurate.

Rights of the Unborn. I am staunchly Pro-Life. It is critical that we continue to protect the rights of these little humans who cannot advocate for themselves. I am adopted and I thank the Lord every day that my birthmother chose life. I am also thankful that my adopted daughter’s mother chose life, because our family’s lives would be so much less without her. Life is a miracle, and I will always advocate for life.

Our 2nd Amendment. I will always fight against any efforts to diminish the right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms while also supporting efforts to keep illegal guns off the streets and out of the hands of criminals. We need to focus on the real reasons which produce crime and violence.

A Vote for Owens is a vote for effective, transparent, and conservative leadership. I ask for your support in this upcoming primary.

Fun Facts:

  • Served on the: 
    • Broad Bay Estates Civic League as President (2004-2015)
    • Virginia War Memorial Board (2013-2018)
    • Women in Leadership Panel (2017)
    • Virginia War Memorial Foundation Board (2016-present) as Vice Chair (2020-present)
    • Beach Development Group as President (2006-present)
    • Board of Veteran Services (2018-present)
    • VB Military Economic Development Advisory Committee (2018-present)
  • Civic Leadership institute Class of 2013 (best class)
  • Was a Keynote Speaker at the Virginia Women Veteran’s Summit in 2017
  • Received the Women in Business Achievement Award in 2019
  • Fostered dogs from Island Dog Rescue for 3 years
  • Has a full size photo banner featured in the Hall of The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, OH 
  • Her flight gear is featured in the Women in the Service display at The Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, VA
  • Has earned a Navy Achievement Medal 
  • Has earned 3 Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals 
  • At United Airlines served as a Pilot on B-737, B-757, B-767, and B-777 aircraft