Coach Bill Stachelski

“Kathy started the tradition of painting the middle C pink with a green outline. My staff and I, and especially the players, benefited greatly from the volunteer parents’ hard work, and especially Kathy’s, and I’ll be forever grateful for the dozens of hours she gave to improve our program, spark parent morale, and rally the troops weekly for our Friday night lights. Kathy’s attributes of hard work, selflessness, teamwork, and organization will serve her well in her role as Delegate of the 82nd District.”

Jim Cheng-Former Secretary of Commerce and Trade for the Commonwealth of Virginia

“Kathy has a distinct talent of pulling key people and resources together in a way that showcases the State as business-friendly and highlights the region’s collective strengths. More importantly, she incorporated culturally sensitive elements into these visits to ensure foreign business owners and representatives felt comfortable, respected, and important.

These attributes and her experience in leadership roles throughout the region and State make her the best candidate for Delegate and will ensure her future success in Richmond.”

Jim Cheng has over 25 years experience as a technology entrepreneur, angel/private capital investor, business leader and a senior state government executive.

Dickie Burke, Legendary pilot

“She is the Leader that will do all the work so her constituents can focus on what’s important to them – raising families, practicing their faith, getting an education, earning a living, and enjoying their precious freedoms. She is the Leader that will keep a cool head while navigating the most challenging situations in Richmond. She is the leader that will turn the plane around and head back in the direction of conservative values. Kathy has never stopped impressing me with her energy, her enterprising spirit and her resourcefulness, among many other things. She will be an extraordinary Delegate for the 82nd and for Virginia.”

Sally Gear, Founder, Island dog rescue and former navy pilot

“I served on boards and attended meetings that would see Kathy promoting business and inclusivity among the leadership. As an entrepreneur, she spearheaded several initiatives that would benefit the City and Region. I have been a proud witness to her presentations, deliberations, and representations before Mayors, City Council members, business owners and leadership in this city. I have watched her steer decisions to the ‘best path for the community’ and never did she falter. She brings common sense, passion, and even humor to the stage. I silently wished she would move on to political positions to use her servitude for the greater good and I am relieved to see this bid for a chance to represent the people.”

Kisha Moore, Owner, Hummingbird Macaron

“As a small business owner herself, Kathy knows how essential broad networks and positive relationships are to the success of any business. Her work ethic, care and determination are an inspiration for me as a businesswoman. She is a champion of small business in Virginia, and I am incredibly fortunate to not only call her my friend, but one of my business’s biggest cheerleaders.”

Scott Taylor, Former US Congressman and Navy Seal

“Kathy is a Conservative, Mother, Veteran, Business Community Leader, and she has served our Commonwealth selflessly for years on the Virginia Veteran Services Board. There is no doubt that Kathy is the Woman for the Job!”

John G. Hekam, Rear Admiral, USN (Retired)

It is with great pleasure that I endorse Kathy P. Owens for the House of Delegates 82nd District. Having worked directly with her for over 8 years, I can say without a doubt that Kathy’s leadership and involvement on both the Virginia War Memorial (VWM) Board of Directors and VWM Foundation (VWMF) Board of Directors redefined the landscape of Board participation.  

Her outreach efforts in the Hampton Roads Region have given us much to cheer about over the years, including initiating an endowment and bringing in many new memberships and donations for our education programs. Her steadfast efforts as a member of the VWMF Capital Campaign Committee championed significant private support for the much-needed multi-million-dollar VWM expansion, exceeding the original goal by over 34 percent. This enabled the VWM to better honor fallen heroes from Virginia during the War on Terrorism, showcase Virginia Medal of Honor recipients, broaden education outreach, and add multiple new exhibits.

Kathy is a warrior’s warrior, a veteran of the Navy and of industry, well-attuned to the issues and needs of Virginians and is the best suited candidate to serve as a Delegate.

Michael Berlucchi, Virginia Beach City Councilmember

“I am confident Kathy will take her knowledge and relationships with the Navy, her ability to create, attract, and retain jobs, and her compassionate heart and experience with nonprofits to the General Assembly in Richmond to serve Virginia Beach.”

Berlucchi concluded, “I have every confidence that Kathy will make an extraordinary representative for the citizens of Virginia Beach in our General Assembly and I hope you will join me in offering her our full support, thank you.”

Jennifer Franklin, Member, VB School Board

About a month ago, I was at a meeting and this woman started walking towards me and I immediately went into Krav Maga fight stance mode. Why? Because it was Kathy Owens and we took Krav Maga (Israeli Self Defense) together about 20 years ago. I saw her break someone’s ribs back then and it put me back in the mindset that I had to defend myself (LOL!). This woman is fierce and now she is running to be the delegate in the 82nd district. I am very careful about who I endorse but I just want to say that her resume speaks volumes about why I would want to support her. Someone once said that an election is a job interview for the people and that is true. We want someone who is a true leader, has done tough jobs before and of course since I’m on school board…has raised kids in the public school setting. (Not to disparage those who send their kids to private school, just looking for someone to understand and support our public schools if they are elected).

I love that she has served in the military as a pilot (no easy feat), is a small business owner and has worked tirelessly for veterans and business owners for the past 20 years. I too advocate for those groups and wish I was in the 82nd and could vote for her. Kathy, thank you for your interest in serving us. Being in public office is not for the tender hearted, it can be arduous at times and I am 100% confident that you are up for the job.

Kathy Owens is running for the House of Delegates 82 nd District. Her primary will be held on June 5 th at Galilee Church (3928 Pacific Avenue and she is offering rides if you need assistance getting there) between the hours of 10am-3pm.

If you live in this district, please consider voting for her. She is the gal to get stuff done, a true Bad-A and overall winner in my book… 🙂